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Reference: RBF page allocation

The Roaring Bitmap Format Freelist page is an internal bitmap used to track deallocated pages.

Before you begin

How are pages deallocated?

An RBF page is available for deallocation when:

  • delete actions remove all elements from a page
  • a bitmap is deleted

RBF deallocates pages to reduce disk space at the end of a transaction in three steps:

  1. Deallocate free pages from the end of the data file
  2. Adds deallocated pages to the Freelist
  3. Shrinks the Meta page pageN field to remove the deallocated pages

RBF cannot deallocate pages that are in use.

How are pages reallocated?

RBF allocates a new page on disk:

  • when a new bitmap is created
  • if an existing page fills up and needs to be split in two

Page reallocation works on the following logic:

Page available in Freelist Page not available
Reallocate the lowest numbered page first * Extend the Freelist data file
* Add a new page
* Increment the Meta page pageN field by 1