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What states can my Cloud database have?

FeatureBase databases can have different states depending on a number of conditions.

Table of contents

Before you begin

How do I query my database state?

You can query the database state in the following ways:

Database Unknown can occur when a database state is changing.

Post-creation states

Database Status Definition Available for use?
CREATING Chosen database resources are being provisioned No
PROVISIONING Database is being created with provisioned resources No
RUNNING Database is running normally and billing has commenced Yes
UPDATING A database update that will cause limited performance degradation Yes

Backup and restore states

Database Status Definition Available for use?
BACKUP Creating a backup of the database Yes
RESTORING Restoring data from a backup No

Post-delete states

Database Status Definition
DELETING Database resources and data are being deprovisioned
DEPROVISIONING Database resources are being deprovisioned as a result of database deletion
DELETED Database has been deleted successfully and billing has stopped

Error states

Database Status Definition
FROZEN An error has occurred with a database backup
FAILED Database is in unrecoverable state as a result of failed provisioning of resources, restoration from backup or deletion