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What states can my Database have?

Database states are represented by status in the FeatureBase application and API.

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Before you begin

Database states

Status Description Additional information
CREATING FeatureBase Cloud has received the signal to start provisioning a database  
PROVISIONING Following CREATING, system then provisions hardware, installs software, and performs other tasks to spin up the database.  
RESTORING The state of restoring data from a backup  
RUNNING Created or updated database has been spun up and is ready for use.  
BACKUP Creating a backup of the database.  
FROZEN There was a problem with backup and no new operations can be done on the database Contact support on Discord for help
DEPROVISIONING A user has chosen to delete the database so the system is de-provisioning services and spinning the database down. Delete a cloud database
DELETED The state after deprovisioning completed successfully Delete a cloud database
FAILED Database action has failed to complete successfully. Unrecoverable. Data is lost or Database failed to be provisioned. Contact support on Discord for help

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