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The DATETIMEFROMPARTS() function takes integer date and time arguments and returns timestamp.


DATETIMEFROMPARTS(year, month, date, hour, minute, seconds, milliseconds)


Argument Data type Description Required Range
year integer year value Yes [0,9999]
month integer month value Yes [1,12]
day integer day value Yes [1,31]
hour integer hour of the day Yes [0,23]
minutes integer minutes value Yes [0,59]
seconds integer seconds value Yes [0,59]
milliseconds integer milliseconds value Yes [0,999]


Data type Value
timestamp date-time value

Additional information

The DATETIMEFROMPARTS function combines date and time arguments to return a fully initialized timestamp value.

  • Returns null if any of the arguments are null.
  • Returns error if the arguments are out of range or if the arguments do not form a valid datetime.


Creating timestamp of the first commit to Featurebase.

select datetimefromparts(2013,10,16,17,34,43,0) as FirstCommit;

|      FirstCommit     |
| 2013-10-16T17:34:43Z |

Not a valid timestamp returns error

select datetimefromparts(2023,20,28,13,30,0,0) as column;

Error: [0:0] not a valid datetimepart 20

With a null argument

select datetimefromparts(2013,10,16,17,34,null,0) as column;

|        column        |
|         null         |