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How do I add a column to an existing table in FeatureBase Cloud?

Add a column to an existing table and set constraints if required.

Table of contents

Before you begin

Naming standard

FeatureBase identifiers (including object names such as databases, tables and columns) start with a lower-case alphabetic character and can include:

  • lower-case alphabetic characters
  • numbers 0-9
  • dash - and underscore _ characters.

  • column names can be up to 64 characters in length

Column names cannot be edited once created.

Add a column to a table

Constraint defaults are set automatically if values are not set.

  • Click Databases > database name > Tables > table name.
  • Click Columns > Add column.
  • Enter a name for the column
  • Choose the data type and constraint values if required.
  • Click Add column

Further information