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How do I activate my FeatureBase account?

FeatureBase users can create an FeatureBase account in two ways:

  • Sign up to create a new organization
  • Accept an invitation to an existing FeatureBase organization
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Sign up to create a new organization and account

Accept an invitation

You will receive an email when an Administrator invites you to join a FeatureBase organization.

You may need to add and to your safe-senders list to receive invitation and confirmation emails.

Step 1 - enter your account details

  • Click Create my account on the FeatureBase invitation email
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter a valid password
  • Click the checkbox to accept the terms of service
  • Click Next

Step 2 - confirm and activate account

FeatureBase sends a confirmation code to your email address.

  • Click the sign in link to open the login page.
  • Enter your user email and password > Sign in.
  • Enter the confirmation code then click Confirm.

Your user is now Active and you have the user role.

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Further information

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