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How do I use FeatureBase Python classes to run SQL?

SQL queries can be run on your FeatureBase database as:

  • individual commands
  • a sequential batch
  • an asynchronous batch

Query results can be returned using the Python print() command.

Before you begin

Escape double-quotes in SQL queries using Python escape characters


# Single query

# Batch queries
sqllist.append("<sql-query")  # one or more SQL queries on separate lines
results = client.querybatch(sqllist, <run-flag>)

# Output flags

# result.error
# result.execution_time
# result.ok
# result.rows_affected
# result.schema
# result.warnings

Single query keywords

Keywords Description Required Additional information
result=client.query(sql="<sql-query>") Run a single SQL query against the connected database Yes  
<sql-query> Double-quoted SQL query Yes FeatureBase SQL guide

Batched query keywords

Keyword Description Required Additional information
sqllist[] Start of query list to be called by querybatch function Yes  
sqllist.append("<sql-query>") Structure for individual SQL queries in the list Yes  
result=client.querybatch(sqllist,<run-flag>) Call sqllist[] list of individual queries and modify execution with optional <run-flag> Yes  
asynchronous=True Run flag that concurrently runs SQL statements Optional Defaults to false
stoponerror=True Run flag that stops sqllist[] execution if a SQL error occurs. Optional Ignored when asynchronous=True

Output flags

Output flags can:

Keywords Description Data rows returned by the connected database
result.error Output execution errors from the connected database
result.execution_time Output time taken to execute the queries
result.ok Returns True or False depending on query execution status
result.rows_affected Output number of rows created, updated or deleted
result.schema Returns schema definition for tables in schema
result.warnings Output server warnings from the connected database