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fbsql SQL query output formatting flags

PSET (Print Set) meta-commands alter default output formatting for SQL queries for:

  • border
  • orientation
  • query result timestamp
  • toggling storage of results as variables that can be reused

Before you begin

Enter fbsql --help at the CLI to list available commands. \q quits the fbsql interface.


[ (<pset-prefix>)
  [border (0 | 1 | 2 | 3)] |
  [expanded (on | off)] |
  [format (aligned | csv)] |
  [location ('<tz-identifier>')] |
  [t | tuples_only]

PSET prefix

PSET flags can be executed from the CLI or fbsql interface:

Interface Prefix Structure Example
CLI fbsql [-P|--pset] <pset-meta-commands> PSET output flags structured as flag="value" fbsql --P border="1"
fbsql \pset <pset-meta-commands> Valid sequence of PSET output flag, argument and value if required \pset border 2

PSET output flags

Flags Description Default Additional information
border (0 | 1 | 2 | 3) Border for table output 1 Border values
expanded (on | off) change result orientation to vertical horizontal Result orientation
format (aligned | csv) Toggle query result format from column, row format to RFC 4180 standard CSV format Aligned Format setting
location ('<tz-identifier>') Location for query result timestamps local time zone Timezone identifier
[t | tuples_only] Toggle storage of multiple values in a single variable. off Tuples additional

Additional information

Query output defaults

border      1
expanded    off
format      aligned
location    Local
tuples_only off

Border values

Value Table border Additional information
0 None Default
1 Internal dividing lines  
2 Table frame  
3 Latex format dividing lines between rows if Add latex format dividing lines between rows Requires Latex

Result orientation

\x [on | off] can also be used to change result orientation

Value Column name Data
on Left column Right column
off Top row Bottom rows

Format setting

  • Titles and footers are not printed
  • Header line with column names generated when tuples_only parameter is off
  • End of line characters are system-dependent:
OS Description EOL character
Single new-line character \n
Windows Carriage return and newline sequence \r\n

Time-zone identifier

The optional time-zone can be set as follows:

<tz identifier> Description Additional information
<none> Local time  
UTC UTC time  
region/city Region and city UTC offset UTC region/city offset values


Output Query output Additional information
Regular * CSV column headers
* titles
* Various footers
tuples_only Table data Relates to format CSV


Change query result orientation

\pset expanded on

Select statement:

select * from products;


 _id      | 1
 prodlist | pen
 price    | 2.50
 stock    | NULL
 _id      | 2
 prodlist | pencil
 price    | 0.50
 stock    | NULL
 _id      | 3
 prodlist | playpen
 price    | 52.50
 stock    | NULL
 _id      | 4
 prodlist | gold-plated earplugs
 price    | 122.50
 stock    | NULL

Change fbsql time-zone

\pset location 'Australia/Melbourne'