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fbsql loader command

The loader command:

  • supports Apache Impala, Apache Kafka and PostgreSQL data sources,
  • reads from a specified TOML configuration file containing key/values for the data source and target table
  • uses that information to ingest data from the data source
  • then copies to the target table

Before you begin


(fbsql <featurebase-connection> --| \! )loader-(impala | kafka | postgres) <file-name>.toml


Argument Description Required Additional information
fbsql <featurebase-connection> Run fbsql with a connection to a FeatureBase database When run from CLI * fbsql connect to FeatureBase Cloud
\! Run loader from fbsql interface Existing FeatureBase database connection  
loader-(impala | kafka | postgres) Choose a data source for the loader to read from Yes Requires -- prefix when run from CLI
<file-name>.toml TOML configuration file containing key/values for data source and target table. Yes TOML configuration file for fbsql loader

Further information