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System Tables

System Tables are logical tables to describe the databases configuration, settings, and metrics. All tables except fb_views are logical, in-memory, and dynamically created upon database creation.

Table of contents


The fb_views table is a system table which provides a catalog of all previously created views.


The fb_database_info table provides a single row which describes the version and state of the database.


The fb_database_nodes table provides a listing of all the cluster nodes or workers in the database, including their connectivity and state.


The fb_exec_requests table provides a query log of requests executed (and executing) by node.

  • fb_exec_requests keeps only the latest 2000 records (queries)
  • fb_exec_requests.sql and fb_exec_requexts.plan are limited to 4000 characters.

Query status

The status column represents the execution status of the query, possible values are:

Status Description
running Query execution is in progress
complete Query execution completed
cancelled Query cancelled by user
error Query execution stopped after error
timedout Query execution stopped after exceeding execution time limit


The fb_table_ddl table provides the corresponding Data Definition Language (DDL) to create the existing database’s tables.


The fb_performance_counters table provides metrics about the nodes/workers within the database.