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IDENTIFIER() function

IDENTIFIER() is used with the INSERT INTO statement and automatically generates unique numeric row values for the _id column.

Before you begin

IDENTIFIER() requires:

  • Table _id column assigned ID data type
  • One or more values to insert to table


{IDENTIFIER('table_name', <value>,...)}


Argument Description Data type
table_name Table name stated in INSERT INTO statement String data type
<value> Value to be inserted into subsequent column(s) stated in the INSERT INTO statement FeatureBase Data types

Additional information

IDENTIFIER() increments by 1 each time the function is called, and retains this value in your cloud account regardless of user login.

A mismatched table name in the INSERT INTO statement and IDENTIFIER() function will cause unexpected results.


Data type Value
ID A numeric value starting at 1


Destination Table

    (_id id, color string);

INSERT INTO with identifier function

INSERT INTO auto-id (_id, color)
    VALUES (idenitifier('auto-id'),'green');

Verify results

select * from idtest; +—–+——–+ | _id | color | +—–+——–+ | 1 | green | +—–+——–+ ```