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Example PostgreSQL data source

This example is intended for use with the fbsql loader command and provides:

  • valid SQL to create a table then insert data
  • TOML key/values to save as a configuration file

Before you begin

Step 1 - Create data source

  • Connect to your database
  • Create the source table:
CREATE TABLE postgres_table (
  idkey int,
  intf int,
  stringf varchar(30),
  idf int,
  stringsetf varchar(30),
  idsetf varchar(30));
  • Insert data to the source table:
INSERT INTO postgres_table VALUES
 (0, 0, 'a', 0, 'a', '3'),
 (1, 0, 'a', 0, 'c', '4'),
 (2, 0, 'a', 0, 'd', '5');

Step 2 - Create TOML configuration file

  • Open a terminal then run nano example-config.toml
  • Add the following keys and values and substitute your PostgreSQL connection string as directed:
table = "loader-target"
query = "select idkey, intf, stringf, idf, stringsetf, idsetf from postgres_table;"
driver = "postgres"
connection-string = "postgres://<postgres-username>:<postgres-user-password>@localhost:5432/mydatabase?sslmode=disable"
batch-size = 1

The following [[fields]] keys and values are optional

name = "idkey"
source-type = "id"
primary-key = true

name = "intf"
source-type = "int"

name = "stringf"
source-type = "string"

name = "idf"
source-type = "id"

name = "stringsetf"
source-type = "stringset"

name = "idsetf"
source-type = "idset"
  • Save then exit nano.

Next step

Further information