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TANIMOTO_COEFFICIENT() scalar function

The TANIMOTO_COEFFICIENT scalar function quantifies the degree of similarity between two sets of data in a specified table or view as a part of a SELECT statement.


tanimoto_coefficient(<column-name>, [<select-statement>] | {[<item-list>]})


Argument Description Required Additional information
tanimoto_coefficient A function used to assess the similarity between data in a specified column and a nested SELECT statement or item list.    
<column-name> Table column name contained in the outer SELECT statement. Optional  
<select-statement> Nested SELECT statement used to gather values to compare against the Optional  
[<item-list>] comma separated list of items found in the table named in the surrounding SELECT statement. Yes Square brackets are required

Additional information

SELECT statement

The function is used in a SELECT statement and requires:


Returns Description
0 No common elements found in results
1 Identical sets found in results