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How do I invite Cloud users?

A valid email address, belonging to any domain, is required to register a user account with a FeatureBase organization.

Registration is successful when a user registers before the 7-day expiry period:

  • and the email address is not registered with an existing FeatureBase organization,
  • or the user is registered with another organization that has at least one other administrator.
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Before you begin

You will need a user with the ADMINISTRATOR role to invite users to your organization.

Invite a user

When you invite a user, FeatureBase:

  • generates a unique invitation URL that expires after 7 days
  • sends the invitation URL to the provided email address
  • adds the user email address to the Invited users list

  • Click Configuration > Manage users.
  • Click Invite new user.
  • Enter one or more email addresses, using commas to separate them.
  • Click Send invitation.

Provide invitation URL (optional)

You can copy the invitation URL and provide it to the user if required.

  • Click Configuration > Manage users.
  • Scroll to Invited users.
  • Click more_vert on the user > Copy invite URL.

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