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BULK INSERT statement

BULK INSERT is allows for lightweight data transformation from source to target in one request.

Sources can include:

  • file
  • URL
  • inline blob

Supported formats include:

  • CSV
Table of contents

BNF diagrams


Column list


Map list


Transform clause


With clause

expr expr

DML syntax

    table_name [(column_name,...)]
  MAP (position type_name,...)
  [TRANSFORM (expr,...)]
    ['path/file_name' | 'URL' | x'records']
      [BATCHSIZE integer_literal]
      [ROWSLIMIT integer_literal]
      [INPUT ['path/file_name' | 'URL' | 'STREAM']]
        ['CSV' [HEADER_ROW]] |


Argument Description Required? Further information
INSERT Insert new records if the _id does not exist else update the record with the values passed. Values are not updated for missing columns. Yes REPLACE can be used but is the same functionality
table_name Name of target table Yes  
column_name Valid columns belonging to table_name. First column must be defined _id column. System builds a column list from existing columns in table_name if columns are not specified. Optional  
MAP MAP defines how the source data is read and the expected data types. Values from the MAP clause are placed directly into the columns specified in the column_list.   Map examples
position Ordinal position of value in source.    
type_name Data type of the value in source.   Data types
TRANSFORM expr a list of expressions that are evaluated during execution for each row. Optional TRANSFORM examples
FROM A single or multi-line string literal that specifies the source of data and are interpreted based on the INPUT option. Yes  
'path/file_name' Valid path and file name for data source. Optional Not available for FeatureBase Cloud.
'URL' Valid URL for data source. Optional  
x'records' CSV or NDJSON records as a string literal. Required for STREAM Not supported for FORMAT 'PARQUET'
WITH Pass one or more statement level options. Optional  
BATCHSIZE Specify the batch size of the BULK commit. Defaults to 1000. Optional  
ROWSLIMIT Limit the number of rows processed in a batch. Optional  
INPUT Input values must match those used in the FROM clause    
'STREAM' The contents of the literal read as though they were in a file. Required for FROM x'records'
Not supported for PARQUET Format
STREAM quotation marks
FORMAT Set the format of the source data to 'CSV', 'NDJSON' or 'PARQUET' Optional 'PARQUET' does not support INPUT (STREAM)
HEADER_ROW CSV argument that will ignore the header in the source CSV file. Optional  
ALLOW_MISSING_VALUES NDJSON argument to ignore null data in valid MAP clause that would otherwise cause an error that stops processing. Optional  


  • a list of valid SQL expressions that are used to specify data transformation before values are inserted.
  • uses variables named for the ordinal position values are specified in the MAP clause.

The number of expressions in the column list and TRANSFORM clause must match.


MAP examples

Input type MAP expression for value in source column Example
CSV Integer offset BULK INSERT CSV example
NDJSON String JsonPath expression for the NDJSON value BULK INSERT NDJSON example
PARQUET A string label that precisely matches the column name in the schema within the parquet file. MAP ('id' id, 'intval' int, 'decval' decimal(4), 'stringval' string)`

TRANSFORM examples

Map clause TRANSFORM clause
MAP (0 id, 1 int, 4 string) Variables: @0, @1 and @2
    @0 + 10, -- offset the new _id value by 10
    @1,      -- pass through unchanged
    CASE     -- clean up state names
        WHEN @2 = 'Texas' then 'TX' end
        WHEN @2 = 'California' then 'CA' end
        ELSE @2

FROM examples

Using STREAM argument

The contents of an inline stream string literal are treated as a file and read line-by-line.

Single line stream string literal

'this is a single-line string literal'

Multi-line stream string literal

Multi line (prepend with x)


Using STREAM with quotation marks

FROM clause quotation marks must be escaped before the BULK statement is run, even when CSV values are quoted.

Incorrect Correct
FeatureBase's speed FeatureBase''s speed
""Time is money." – Benjamin Franklin." """Time is money."" – Benjamin Franklin."

Bulk insert statement that reads from a CSV file

bulk replace
    into insert_test (_id, int1, string1, timestamp1)
    map (0 id, 1 int, 2 string)
    transform (@0, @1, @2, current_timestamp)
    format 'CSV'
    input 'FILE';

Further information