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How do I create a table in FeatureBase Cloud?

A table is a database object that stores data from external sources.

FeatureBase tables are similar to those in traditional relational databases:

  • tables with columns
  • columns with data types and constraints.

The first column is automatically created on all tables and serves as the primary key.

Table of contents

You can also create a table using a SQL CREATE TABLE statement then create tables and add data.

Before you begin

Naming standards

FeatureBase identifiers (including object names such as databases, tables and columns) start with a lower-case alphabetic character and can include:

  • lower-case alphabetic characters
  • numbers 0-9
  • dash - and underscore _ characters.

  • table names can be up to 230 characters in length

Step 1: create table

  • Click Create table.
  • Select the destination database.
  • Enter a table name and an optional description.

Step 2: choose the primary key

The table ID column (_id) is used as the table primary key and must uniquely represent a record in your table.

UI Type SQL data type Data source table unique key
Number id Positive integer
String string String key or a combination of columns used to create a unique key
  • Select the ID type.
  • Click Create.

Next step

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