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FeatureBase Help contains high level overviews of software functionality, plus procedural documentation for FeatureBase Cloud and the self-managed Community edition.

What is FeatureBase?

FeatureBase is a feature-oriented database platform that powers real-time analytics and machine learning applications by executing low-latency, high-throughput, and highly concurrent workloads. Similar to the evolution of data formats from row-oriented to columnar, FeatureBase further evolves columnar into a feature-oriented format that makes each distinct data value individually addressable (accessible, readable, writable and retrievable).

Our novel approach minimizes I/O on queries by allowing the database engine to read and write exactly the data it needs and intelligently compress that data in memory. The result is a step-function improvement in analytical workloads.

Before you begin

Comparing Cloud and Community editions

These tables provided a side-by-side comparison of Cloud and Community functionality.


Feature Cloud Community Notes
Click to Deploy Yes No Windows installations require a Hypervisor
Automated Scale Up/Down No No  
Automated Scale In/Out No No  
Regional Deployment No Yes  

Data Ingestion

Feature Cloud Community Notes
Streaming (HTTPS) Yes No  
Kafka (Pull-based) No Yes Client-side kafka consumption & push for Cloud
Database (Pull-based) No Yes Client-side database consumption & push for Cloud
CSV/Bulk Ingest No Yes Client-side file consumption & push for Cloud

Data Consumption

Feature Cloud Community Notes
Query UI Yes Yes  
FeatureBase SQL - HTTPS Yes No Any language/tool (Python, Go, etc) that can read over HTTPS
FeatureBase PQL - HTTPS Yes Yes Any language/tool (Python, Go, etc) that can read over HTTPS
gRPC Endpoint No Yes  
Postgres Endpoint No Yes  
Unbounded Queries (Advanced Queries) No Yes Cloud Limited to 6mb and/or 30sec
PQL Query Builder No Yes  
Python Client No Yes  
Grafana Plug-In No Yes  
Postgres Lookup Database Option No Yes  


Feature Cloud Community Notes
Backup + Restore No Yes  
Data Replication Yes Yes  
Metrics & Monitoring No Yes  
Editable FeatureBase Config File No Yes  


Feature Cloud Community Notes
Encryption In Flight Yes Yes  
Encryption at Rest Yes Yes  
Authentication + Authorization (OAuth) Yes Yes  
Role-Based Access Control (Basic) No Yes  
User Management Yes Yes  
Audit Logging Yes Yes  

Next Step

You can choose to setup a cloud account, or install FeatureBase on a local server.

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