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Welcome to FeatureBase help

FeatureBase Help contains high level overviews of software functionality, plus procedural documentation for FeatureBase Cloud and the self-managed Community edition.

Table of contents

What is FeatureBase?

FeatureBase is a feature-oriented database platform that powers real-time analytics and machine learning applications by executing low-latency, high-throughput, and highly concurrent workloads. Similar to the evolution of data formats from row-oriented to columnar, FeatureBase further evolves columnar into a feature-oriented format that makes each distinct data value individually addressable (accessible, readable, writable and retrievable).

FeatureBase is similar to a columnar store, but breaks each column into each of its unique values so that they can be represented as a single bit. This data representation is excellent for a variety of analytical workloads.

Our novel approach minimizes I/O on queries by allowing the database engine to read and write exactly the data it needs and intelligently compress that data in memory. The result is a step-function improvement in analytical workloads.

Before you begin

Comparing Cloud and Community editions

These tables provided a side-by-side comparison of Cloud and Community functionality.


Feature Cloud Community  
Deployment Cloud deployment Community installation  
Regional Deployment No Yes  
Automated Scale Up/Down No No  
Automated Scale In/Out No No  

Data Ingestion

Feature Cloud Community
Streaming (HTTPS) Yes Yes
Kafka (Pull-based) Client-side kafka consumption & push Kafka ingestion
Database (Pull-based) Client-side SQL consumption & push SQL ingestion
CSV/Bulk Ingest Yes CSV ingestion

Data Consumption

Feature Cloud Community Additional information
Query UI Query cloud tables Query community tables  
FeatureBase SQL - HTTPS Yes Yes Any language/tool (Python, Go, etc) that can read over HTTPS
FeatureBase PQL - HTTPS Yes Yes Any language/tool (Python, Go, etc) that can read over HTTPS
gRPC Endpoint No Community gRPC endpoint  
Pilosa Query Language (PQL) Query Builder No Yes Learn about PQL
Python Client Python client library Python client library  
Grafana Plug-In No Community grafana connector  
Postgres Lookup Database Option No Yes  


Feature Cloud Community
Backup and Restore Yes Community backup and restore
Data Replication Yes Yes
Metrics & Monitoring Cloud metrics Community metrics & monitoring
Editable FeatureBase Config File No Yes


Feature Cloud Community Additional information
Encryption In Flight Yes Yes  
Encryption at Rest Yes Yes  
Authentication + Authorization (OAuth) Yes Community authentication  
Role-Based Access Control (Basic) Cloud user roles Yes  
User Management Cloud user management Yes  
Audit Logging Yes Yes  

How do I set up FeatureBase Cloud?

Follow these instructions which will guide you through the setup process:

How do I install FeatureBase Community?

Follow these instructions to learn about system requirements and how to install FeatureBase on your operating system.