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How do I move my account to another FeatureBase organization?

FeatureBase users may be invited to join a different organization.

Table of contents

Users can accept an invitation to join another FeatureBase organization when the following conditions are met:

Account roles Condition Additional information
Administrator All organizations require at least one Administrator user. Edit user role
User & Administrator Resources cannot be moved between accounts. Move user account

Users can opt-out of the account move by ignoring the email or click No, thanks on the confirmation page.

Before you begin

How do I move my account to another organization?

Accepting the move means you cannot access your original organization.

Step one - delete resources

Resources cannot be transferred and must be deleted before an account move can take place.

Step two - accept the invitation to move your account

  • Click Move account in the invitation email.
  • Click Move account on the FeatureBase confirmation page.
  • Login with your current user name and password.