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Where do I find database details?

FeatureBase provides access to details and statistics on your database.

Additionally, a disk utilization graph is available on the Home page which lists disk space used by the database and its data.

Table of contents

Before you begin

How do I view database details?

  • Click Databases > your-database-name to open the summary page.

Detail view

Detail Description Additional information
Database ID Unique identifier for the database required for API and FBSQL connections that do not require user credentials * Cloud API
* FBSQL tool
Status Cloud database states include Provisioning and Running. Learn about cloud database states
Memory Current available memory based on your choice of database shape Learn about shaped databases
Owner User name of account that created the database Manage users
Version Database version as represented by <current-featurebase-version>-<commit-hash>  
Created Time and date since database creation with user name of creator  
Last modified User account, time and date of last alteration to the database  
Disk utilization Actual memory used by database and data  
Query endpoint URL Endpoint used for Cloud REST API queries Cloud API