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How do I query data in FeatureBase Cloud?

FeatureBase Cloud has a built-in query editor that supports queries written using SQL and native Pilosa Query Language.

Table of contents

Before you begin

How do I use the Cloud Query editor?

  • Click Query then use the following features:
Feature Description Additional information
Database picker Choose a database containing your tables and data Create database
Schema browser View and search the tables and views in your database  
Limit query results Limit query results to 10, 100, 1000 or 10000 rows Defaults to 100 rows
Write queries Query editor supports one or more queries and auto-suggests valid SQL and PQL  
Select a query Select a specific line to run, or insert the cursor to run from that point down  
Run queries Run queries with Run button, or via your keyboard:
* Ctrl+Enter, or
* CMD + Enter
Network error occurs if a query exceeds 4000 seconds before returning results.
Format results Results columns can be sorted ascending or descending, filtered, hidden, shown and exported to CSV  
View query history View and search all queries run during the current session. Query history is deleted when you logout or clear your browser cache