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KILL QUERY statement

Kills a running SQL query. If the targeted query is not in running status then the kill statement will not be successful.

BNF diagrams



KILL QUERY 'request_id';


Argument Description Required? Additional information
request_id Request ID of the query to be killed. Value must be enclosed in single quote. Yes List running queries

Additional information

List currently running queries

Query the fb_exec_requests system table to obtain the request_id:

SELECT request_id, status, start_time, sql
FROM fb_exec_requests
WHERE status='running';

Query status

The status column represents the execution status of the query, possible values are:

Status Description
running Query execution is in progress
complete Query execution completed
cancelled Query cancelled by user
error Query execution stopped after error
timedout Query execution stopped after exceeding execution time limit

Responses to killed queries

  • A killed query is set to cancelled in the fb_exec_requests system table
  • An error is returned on any client application that submitted the query that is killed, for example:
Error: [0:0] request '571f25ac-1d8c-49b8-a53d-111408964632' killed by user


Kill a query to terminate unnecessary processing

Query the fb_exec_requests system table to obtain a list of running queries:

select request_id, status, start_time, sql
from fb_exec_requests
where status='running';


request_id status start_time sql
571f25ac-1d8c-49b8-a53d-111408964632 running 2023-05-12T16:13:39.342617-04:00 select high_card_attribute, sum(measurement)
from large_data_set
where status=’active’
group by high_card_attribute
11b511a7-efcf-44f3-8fdc-3eb864873b48 running 2023-05-12T16:20:08.560989-04:00 select request_id, status, start_time, sql
from fb_exec_requests
where status=’running’

This statement kills the first query from above:

KILL QUERY '571f25ac-1d8c-49b8-a53d-111408964632';


result status
Kill request submitted pending

Further information