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How do I manage cloud users?

A valid email address, belonging to any domain, is required to register a user account with a FeatureBase organization.

Registration is successful when a user registers before the 7-day expiry period:

  • and the email address is not registered with an existing FeatureBase organization,
  • or the user is registered with another organization that has at least one other administrator.
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Before you begin

How do I control who can sign in to my organization?

How do I view and search for users?

How do I control user roles and privileges?

FeatureBase Cloud supports two user roles for Active accounts:

  • User - granted automatically to all verified accounts on first login
  • Administrator - granted by existing account with administrator role

Each role contains a collection of system privileges.

How do I change the account owner details?

How do I invite a user to a different organization?