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Welcome to FeatureBase Cloud help

FeatureBase Cloud help contains everything you need to create a database and tables, import your data then run queries.

Table of contents

Before you begin

Summary of features

Feature Benefit Additional information
API Programmatic access to all Cloud features over HTTPS FeatureBase Cloud API
Audit logging FeatureBase Cloud keeps an audit log of activity  
Authentication OAuth authentication for users, and SSH keys for API calls  
Automated backups Full backups to S3 and EBS snapshotting are automated and occur daily for all databases  
Deployment Deploy on Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS S3 infrastructure in the US, with additional regions coming soon  
Encryption Data is encrypted in flight and at rest  
Fully managed No need to maintain your own infrastructure and calculate processor and memory requirements FeatureBase pricing
Low-latency database Database design won’t be impacted by queries across billions of records or large ingest streams inserting and updating records Breaking the latency floor whitepaper
One-click GUI for DB creation and monitoring Tools to create standard or custom databases, monitor and configure available at a single click Manage databases
Query data Query data using SQL via the GUI, using the API, the Python client library or CLI tool  
Simple user management Create accounts directly in the GUI for users in your organization to collaborate on your data Manage users
SQL-based data import Import data using BULK INSERT statement from CSV, NDJSON , Parquet or ORC SQL BULK INSERT
Usage-based metering and billing GUI provides detailed intra-hour insights into your spend  
User control Users can be invited via their email address, then assigned Admin or User roles  

Cloud trial

A FeatureBase trial account gives you:

Terms and conditions

Cloud users must agree to the FeatureBase terms of service to complete sign-up.

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