SQL (Preview)

ℹ️NOTE This page contains information that only applies to SQL Preview functionality. Additionally, this page represents a work in progress that is subject to frequent changes.

SQL is a Preview Feature

By default, SQL is disabled in FeatureBase. To enable the feature, FeatureBase needs to be configured with the sql.endpoint-enabled option. For more information, see FeatureBase Configuration

When this option is enabled, FeatureBase supports sql queries over a http endpoint and at the command line.

Queries at the command line

To query FeatureBase on the same host at the command line:

featurebase cli

You should then see something like:

FeatureBase CLI (v3.20.0-14-g0a73abbb)
Type "exit" to quit.


You can then enter queries, seperated by the ; character.

The get help on the FeatureBase cli, type:

featurebase cli --help

Queries over the http endpoint


POST /sql

The sql query text is passed in the body of the request, with a Content-Type of text/plain.


curl -XPOST localhost:10101/sql -d 'select 1'
  "schema": {
    "fields": [
        "name": "",
        "type": "INT"
  "data": [
  "exec_time": 16412581


If an error occurs during query execution, the request will still succeed, even though the body may contain an error.

curl -XPOST localhost:10101/sql -d 'select foo'
  "error": "[1:8] column 'foo' not found"

Query Types

The SQL preview contains different types of queries that are discussed further in the reference pages:

  • Functions Various functions for analytics that are supported
  • Show Tables Shows the list of FeatureBase tables that exist on the server.
  • Show Columns Shows the list of FeatureBase columns that exist in a table.
  • Select Selects data from a FeatureBase table.
  • Insert Inserts data into a FeatureBase table.
  • Bulk Insert Inserts data into a FeatureBase table.
  • Create Table Creates a FeatureBase table.
  • Alter Table Alters a FeatureBase table.
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