TIMESTAMP data type

Timestamp is a date-time data type used with timeunit and epoch constraints.

DDL Syntax

TIMESTAMP [TIMEUNIT {value}] [EPOCH {value}]


Argument Description Further information
TIMESTAMP Time and date data type used for time series analysis Time stamp
TIMEUNIT The time unit in which to store a timestamp that defaults to second `s See TIMEUNIT values
EPOCH The epoch which timestamps will be stored relative to. This is represented as RFC339 time stamp string. Defaults to the Unix epoch See Epoch values

Additional information


Unit Declaration
hours h
minutes m
seconds (default) s
milliseconds ms
microseconds us
nanoseconds ns

EPOCH value

The epoch which timestamps should be relative to. The value may specify one of the following:

Timestamp Example Further information
Unix (default) 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z Unix epoch
Time zone 1980-11-30T14:20:28.000+07:00 Time zone
Zulu (military) time 1980-11-30T14:20:28.000Z Zulu Time Zone
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