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How do I connect to a FeatureBase Community database with fbsql?

Connect to a FeatureBase Community database with fbsql.

Before you begin

Enter fbsql --help at the CLI to list available commands. \q quits the fbsql interface.


    (--host="<community-hostname" / -[p|-port]=<port> ) |
    -[f|-file] <filename> |

CLI flag Prefix

Commands can be executed from the CLI or fbsql interface using the appropriate prefix:

Interface Prefix Example
CLI fbsql fbsql --config=cloud-user-connect.toml
fbsql \! \! --config=cloud-user-connect.toml

Database connection flags

fbsql automatically connects to a local instance of FeatureBase Community

Argument Description Requires Default Additional information
--host="<hostname>" Specifies remote host name IP address or URL of the machine on which FeatureBase is running port specification localhost  
Specify TCP port or local Unix-domain socket file extension on which FeatureBase is listening for connections. Host specification 10101 Set port in featurebase.conf configuration
--config=filename.toml Designate a TOML file containing connection details     TOML connection file

Optional arguments

Load SQL from a source file

Argument Description Additional information
-[f|-file] <filename> Run content from file which can include valid meta-commands and SQL queries equivalent to [i|include <filename>] meta-command

Load data from data source

Additional information

Connection file

You can setup a file containing connection details in the */fbsql/featurebase directory or in an accessible file path.

Connections files have a .toml extension and contain:

  • a valid combination of arguments and values in form argument = "value",
  • on individual lines,
  • with leading -- and trailing \ omitted.

fbsql status

fbsql displays status information at startup:

Status Description Additional information
Detected on-prem, classic deployment FeatureBase Community started
Manage FeatureBase Community systemctl service
Could not detect deployment
FeatureBase Community service stopped Manage FeatureBase Community systemctl service
You are not connected to a database Not connected to remote database  
connecting to database: invalid database: dbname error in database name  
dbname=# Connected to specific database  


Connect to FeatureBase community database

fbsql --host="localhost" \ --port="10101"

Connect with host/port in file

Source file local.toml

host = "localhost"
port = "10101"

Connection string:

fbsql --config=local.toml

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