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IDSET data type

IDSET is a FeatureBase datatype used to set multiple ID values for a single column.




Argument Description
IDSET Data type used where there is a need to set multiple ID values for a single column

Additional information

The IDSET data type:

  • has a set internal data type
  • is used for:
    • grouping by
    • searching for discrete values

GROUP BY issues on SET and SETQ data types


CREATE TABLE with all data types

create table allcoltypes
    _id id,
    intcol int min 0 max 10000,
    boolcol bool,
    timestampcol timestamp timeunit 'ms',
    decimalcol decimal(2),
    stringcol string,
    stringsetcol stringset,
    stringsetcolq stringsetq timequantum 'YMD' ttl '24h',
    idcol id,
    idsetcol idset,
    idsetcolq idsetq timequantum 'YMD' ttl '24h',
    vectorcol vector(768)
  with comment 'table containing all column types';