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Issue - MacOS file limits

FeatureBase Community may exceed open file limits because:

  • the database may be split into a large number of files
  • these files may be open simultaneously.

Possible cause

Maximum file limits may be set incorrectly:

  • in featurebase.conf
  • for the current session
  • for persistent sessions

Open file limit changes are affected by the following on MacOS:

  • ulimit does not behave predictably because limits change between releases.


Alter FeatureBase max-file-limit

Increase open file limit for current session

  • Open a CLI then run the following command:
launchctl limit maxfiles 262144 262144

Persistent change to open file limit

Adjust kernel parameter files

You may also need to adjust the following kernel parameter files:

  • kern.maxfiles
  • kern.maxfilesperproc

Learn how to adjust Kernel Parameters

Further information