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Issue - memory blocks not reclaimed on Linux SSD drives


Solid State Drives (SSDs) may not properly reclaim unused memory blocks.

Solution - enable TRIM on SSDs

Create a bash script with the following settings to enable trim for SSDs



  PARTITION=$(df $DATA_DIR | awk '{print $1}' | sed -n '2p')

  MOUNT_OPTIONS=$(findmnt --source $PARTITION --output=options | sed -n '2p')

  if [[ $(lsblk $PARTITION -n -o ROTA) == "1" ]]; then
      echo "The partition is on a rotational drive, TRIM not supported"
  elif [[ $(lsblk $PARTITION -n -o DISC-GRAN == "0B") ]]; then
      echo "DISC granularity 0, TRIM not supported"
  elif [[ $(systemctl is-enabled fstrim.timer) == "enabled" ]]; then
      echo "fstrim is already enabled!"
      echo "fstrim must be enabled; to enable:"
      echo "    sudo systemctl enable fstrim.timer"

  if [[ "$MOUNT_OPTIONS" == *discard* ]]; then
      echo "Continuous TRIM(discard) is not recommended, switch to periodic TRIM(fstrim)"

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