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Issue - Linux memory limits

FeatureBase Community may exceed memory limits whilst:

  • importing and ingesting data
  • running queries

Possible cause

Memory settings may be configured incorrectly:

  • in featurebase.conf
  • for the current session
  • for persistent sessions


Alter the FeatureBase max-map-count

Alter memory limits for current session

ulimit affects only the current shell and its child processes. You may need to launch a new shell as root to raise the ulimit to an appropriate value.

  • Open a CLI then run the following command with an appropriate value:
ulimit -m <value>
  • Verify the change:
ulimit -m

Increase memory-mapped regions for the current session

Refer to the following StackOverflow question to increase max_map_count on different Linux systems:

Set maximum threads per process

Further information