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How do I Query my FeatureBase Community database?

FeatureBase community provides several methods to run queries using FeatureBase PQL, or our implementation of SQL.

Before you begin

Running queries

You can run SQL Queries against your FeatureBase Community database using the following methods:

Method Description Further information
CLI Run SQL statements from the FeatureBase CLI system Enable SQL CLI
FeatureBase API FeatureBase provides an API which can be used to execute PQL statements Community API
HTTPS Run SQL statements over HTTPS using the SQL CLI Enable SQL CLI
fbsql CLI tool SQL statements can be run via the fbsql terminal tool fbsql terminal tool
FeatureBase Query editor FeatureBase Community comes with built-in Query editor FeatureBase Query editor
FeatureBase Query builder FeatureBase Community comes with built-in Query builder FeatureBase Query editor

FeatureBase Query editor

Use the Query editor to run PQL and SQL queries against your database indexes.

You can view a list of:

  • available indexes
  • queries you’ve run
  • execution errors

The query editor does not support multi-line statements even when separated by semicolon or blank lines.

FeatureBase Query builder

The FeatureBase Query builder is a drag-and-drop UI which supports the following PQL read queries:


PQL query

[users]Extract(Limit(All(), limit=1000), Rows(created_at), Rows(salary))

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