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How do I enable metrics for external monitoring tools?

FeatureBase can be configured to output runtime metrics for the following tools:

  • Expvar
  • Statsd
  • Prometheus (and Datadog)

Before you begin


Change these parameters by editing the */featurebase/opt/featurebase.conf file.

  service= "<metric-service>"
  poll-interval= "<poll-interval>"


Parameter Description Required Additional information
<metric-service> FeatureBase supports:
* expvar
* statsd
* prometheus
No Comment out or set to "none" to disable
<statsd-host> Remote host to send statsd metrics For statsd metrics Comment out to disable
<poll-interval> An integer and time unit that determines how frequently FeatureBase checks for metrics For statsd metrics and to enable runtime metrics Comment out or set to zero to disable

Additional information

Default FeatureBase ports

Default ports can be:

Port Used for Example  
5432 External database for ExternalLookup queries lookup-db-dsn = "postgres://localhost:5432/db"  
6831 Tracing agent agent-host-port = "localhost:6831"  
8125 statsd metrics host = "localhost:8125"  
9093 Ingest metrics [metric] stats  
10101 FeatureBase IP address bind = "localhost:10101"  
10301 FeatureBase cluster listen peer address   * listen-peer-address = "http://localhost:10301"
* initial-cluster = "featurebase1=http://localhost:10301"
10401 FeatureBase Cluster URL   * cluster-url = "http://localhost:10401"
* listen-client-address = "http://localhost:10401"
20101 Bind grpc bind-grpc = ""  
  • Verify metrics are generated by running:
curl localhost:10101/metrics

Prometheus metrics

Add featurebase metrics to the Prometheus configuration file scrape_configs section.


Prometheus example

Add the following to the <scrape_config> section of the Prometheus configuration file to monitor:

  • FeatureBase metrics
  • Ingester metrics
- job_name: 'featurebase'
- targets: ['localhost:10101', 'localhost:10102', 'localhost:10103']

- job_name: 'ingester'
- targets: ['localhost:9093']

Add the following to the featurebase.conf file to enable Prometheus monitoring at a 15 second interval.

service = "prometheus"
poll-interval = "15s"

Further information