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How do I setup metrics and monitoring for FeatureBase Community?

FeatureBase can be configured to output runtime metrics for the following tools:

  • Expvar
  • Statsd
  • Prometheus (and Datadog)
Table of contents

Before you begin

Naming conventions for metrics

Convention Description Additional information
Colon character : Reserved for Prometheus recording rules Learn about Prometheus recording rules
Format [namespaceprefix]_[metric_description]_[units] Naming format example
Text case Use snake_case  
Valid metric names Regular expressions [a-zA-Z_:][a-zA-Z0-9_:]*  


Metrics Additional information
FeatureBase metrics FeatureBase metrics reference
Ingester metrics Ingest metrics
Runtime metrics Runtime metrics reference
Transaction metrics Transaction metrics reference


FeatureBase supports the OpenTracing standard.

Any system that supports this standard can be setup to store and visualise trace data.

Enable metrics

Setup error logging

Query HTTP endpoints


Naming format

A metric name ingester_csv_deleter_rows_added_total is derived from the following information:

  • Namespace ingester_csv
  • metric name deleter_rows_added
  • “unit” total, indicating a counter.

Further information