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How do I setup Datadog monitorning?

You can configure FeatureBase Community to output Prometheus metrics which can be read by Datadog.

Learn how to setup Datadog to read EC2 Cloudwatch metrics for FeatureBase systems installed on AWS EC2.

Before you begin

Step 1 - Enable FeatureBase Prometheus metrics

  • Open a CLI then CD to */featurebase/opt.
  • Edit /featurebase.conf and add the following details:
service = "prometheus"
poll-interval = "15s"

Step 2 - Install Datadog agent

Task New Datadog account Existing Datadog account
Install Datadog agent Create Datadog account then install agent Install Datadog Agent
Obtain Datadog API key API key automatically added to installed agent files Create a new API key

Step 3 - Add Prometheus metrics to the agent config files

  • CD to /etc/datadog-agent/
  • Verify there is a datadog.yaml.example file as backup
  • Edit datadog.yaml then add the following parameters:
api_key: <datadog-api-key>


   - owner:<name-of-user>
   - project:<user-specified-name>

logs_enabled: true

    enabled: true

  enabled: true
  • Delete all other parameters then save the file.

Step 4 - Edit datadog-agent config file

  • CD to /etc/datadog-agent/conf.d/openmetrics.d/
  • Copy conf.yaml.example
cp conf.yaml.exmple conf.yaml
  • Edit conf.yaml then add the following parameters:


   # update the host and port as necessary
   - prometheus_url: http://localhost:10101/metrics
     namespace: "featurebase"
       - "*"

   # you can grab consumer metrics by adding an entry here
   # here is an example (given the default port for consumer metrics is 9093)
   # - prometheus_url: http://localhost:9093
   #   namespace: "consumer"
   #   metrics:
   #     - "*"
  • Delete all other parameters then save.

Step 5 - restart and verify Datadog agent is working

  • Restart the agent with this command:
sudo systemctl restart datadog-agent
  • Verify the agent is running:
sudo systemctl status datadog-agent
  • Verify Prometheus metrics are being read:
sudo -u dd-agent datadog-agent status

Example output

Running Checks


openmetrics (2.0.0)
    Instance ID: openmetrics:featurebase:2d670110d7af553d [OK]
    Configuration Source: file:/etc/datadog-agent/conf.d/openmetrics.d/conf.yaml
    Total Runs: 1
    Metric Samples: Last Run: 1,302, Total: 1,302
    Events: Last Run: 0, Total: 0
    Service Checks: Last Run: 1, Total: 1
    Average Execution Time : 145ms
    Last Execution Date : 2022-04-27 00:14:25 UTC (1651018465000)
    Last Successful Execution Date : 2022-04-27 00:14:25 UTC (1651018465000)

Further information