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How do I install FeatureBase Community on Linux?

Install FeatureBase Community in a Linux environment such as Ubuntu.

Table of contents

Before you begin

Step 1 - Establish the correct release to install

Step 2 - Download the release

Right-click the appropriate release on the GitHub releases page, then download to your /downloads directory.

Alternatively, you can download using the terminal.

  • Open a terminal
  • Create the installation directory:
mkdir featurebase
  • CD to the /featurebase directory
  • Run the following command after substituting correct values for:
    • <version>
    • <os> – linux or darwin (MacOS)
    • <processor>
curl -L<version>/featurebase-v<version>-<os>-<processor>64.tar.gz -o featurebase.tar.gz

Step 3: Untar release files

  • Run the following command from the /featurebase directory
tar -zxvf featurebase.tar.gz

Step 4: Set up /featurebase installation directory

  • Move ingester files to the /opt directory
mv featurebase-* opt
  • Move application files to the /idk directory
mv idk-* idk

Next step

You can choose to: