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How do I import data to FeatureBase Community?

This overview explains the process of importing data to FeatureBase using three methods:

  • CSV
  • SQL
  • Apache Kafka
Table of contents

Before you begin

Install FeatureBase Community

What are ingesters?

Ingesters are used to:

  • retrieve data from a specified upstream data source
  • transform the data to the FeatureBase bit-columnar format
  • write that data to target database tables.

Perform data modeling

You can duplicate your existing RDBMS data structures within FeatureBase.

But to get the best results, users should perform a Data modeling process to:

  • determine the specific data they wish to query
  • take advantage of FeatureBase-specific data types and constraints
  • run queries on the data to test if the structure meets expectations

By performing Data Modeling, customers may reduce their raw data footprint by up to 90% and thus make queries even faster.

CSV import method

Refer to these reference files for information on how to set up and import data using a CSV file.

SQL import method

Kafka import method

The Kafka Ingester reads messages from a Kafka topic and can interact with a Confluent Schema Registry to determine:

  • the message schema
  • inform specific field types used in FeatureBase tables