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Kafka consumer examples

This page provides examples of Kafka consumer ingest files and flags you can use to test the system

Table of contents

Before you begin

Simple Kafka Avro ingest example

In this example:

  • The Kafka schema will encode the data to Kafka
  • The Kafka Avro schema source includes example fields defined with storage specification set to tuplestore
  • The messages include three Kafka messages:
    • a_stringset and a_timestamp fields that use the union between a field and null
    • The third message {"null": null} can be passed when there is missing data for a record.

This means the ./molecula-consumer-kafka CLI command:

  • ignores null fields
  • requires field values for all other fields

Kafka Avro Schema source

    "namespace": "org.example",
    "type": "record",
    "name": "simple_example",
    "fields": [
        {"name": "a_string", "type": "string", "mutex": true},
        {"name": "a_stringset", "type": [{"type": "array", "items": "string"}, "null"]},
        {"name": "an_int", "type": "int", "fieldType": "int"},
        {"name": "a_decimal", "type": "float", "fieldType": "decimal", "scale": 2},
        {"name": "a_timestamp", "type": ["bytes", "null"], "fieldType": "timestamp", "layout": "2006-01-02 15:04:05", "epoch": "1970-01-01 00:00:00"},
        {"name": "an_int_tstore", "type": "int", "fieldType": "int", storage-specifier="tuplestore"},
        {"name": "a_decimal_tstore", "type": "float", "fieldType": "decimal", "scale": 2, storage-specifier="tuplestore"},
        {"name": "a_string_tstore", "type": "string", storage-specifier="tuplestore", length=256 },

Kafka avro raw data message

{"a_string": "7EYSp", "a_stringset": {"array": ["vbbuf", "VQs7y", "9z4aw", "h1iqc", "aQQxr"]}, "an_int": 344, "a_decimal": 3.23, "a_timestamp": {"bytes": "2023-02-16 07:53:59"}, "an_int_tstore": 3440, "a_decimal_tstore": 33.23, "a_string_tstore": "TT-7EYSp"},
{"a_string": "iYeOV", "a_stringset": {"array": ["iYeOV", "v31XN", "uirDR"]}, "an_int": 884, "a_decimal": 4.32, "a_timestamp": {"bytes": "2023-01-31 11:11:30"}, "an_int_tstore": 8840, "a_decimal_tstore": 44.32, "a_string_tstore": "TT-iYeOV"},
{"a_string": "X9jWC", "a_stringset": {"null": null}, "an_int": 879, "a_decimal": 2.84, "a_timestamp": {"null": null}, "an_int_tstore": 8790, "a_decimal_tstore": 22.84, "a_string_tstore": "TT-X9jWC"}

Kafka Avro ingest featuring Quantum values

This example features:

  • the IDSETQ data type defined for the an_ideset field
  • an_idset values stored with respect to time so they can be included in queries
  • the optional an_int field used with the Union Avro data type

Kafka Avro Schema with quant data types

    "namespace": "org.example",
    "type": "record",
    "name": "quantum_example",
    "fields": [
        {"name": "pk", "type": "string"},
        {"name": "an_idset", "type": "int", "quantum": "YMD", "fieldType": "id"},
        {"name": "an_int", "type": ["int", "null"], "fieldType": "int"},
        {"name": "a_quantum", "type": "bytes", "fieldType": "recordTime", "layout": "2006-01-02 15:04:05", "unit": "s"},

Kafka Avro message raw data for quant data types and values

{"pk": "7EYSp", "an_idset": 10, "an_int": {"int": 39},    "a_quantum": "2023-02-16 07:53:59"},
{"pk": "7EYSp", "an_idset": 11, "an_int": {"null": null}, "a_quantum": "2023-02-22 14:32:23"},
{"pk": "X9jWC", "an_idset": 12  "an_int": {"int": 43},    "a_quantum": "2023-01-31 11:11:30"}

Kafka Avro ingest script for quantum data

molecula-consumer-kafka \
    --index target_index \
    --featurebase-hosts localhost:10101 \
    --kafka-hosts localhost:9092 \
    --schema-registry-url http://localhost:8081 \
    --topic source_topic \
    --primary-key-fields pk