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FeatureBase Community

FeatureBase Community can be deployed on multiple environments and regionally and includes the following features:

  • a web-based GUI with query builder and monitoring
  • command-line import from CSV, SQL or Kafka data sources
  • command-line backup and restore

Organizations can set up remote monitoring with DataDog or Prometheus metrics

Table of contents

Architecture diagram

FeatureBase Network Architecture Diagram

Importing data using Ingesters


FeatureBase community supports:

FeatureBase nodes

FeatureBase Community is a masterless multi-node system with a single node type.

Like other common distributed data stores, it supports:

  • high availability (via shard replication)
  • cluster resizing
  • distributed query processing

Default Ports

By default, FeatureBase uses the following ports:

Port Used for Required? Further information
10101 FeatureBase UI, HTTP(S) queries, SQL queries Yes HTTPS endpoint
10301 Cluster membership For clustering embedded etcd
10401 Cluster schema For clustering embedded etcd
20101 gRPC, Python library Yes gRPC API

Default ports can be changed in the /featurebase/opt/featurebase.conf file. Learn more about FeatureBase Configuration

Installation requirements

The FeatureBase Community application requires:

Install FeatureBase Community

FeatureBase Community can be used under the Apache version 2.0 license

Supported operating system Further information
Linux Install on Linux
Apple Macintosh Install on Mac
Windows Subsystem for Linux Install on Windows
All FeatureBase Docker setup


Refer to troubleshooting pages if you experience issues:

Startup FeatureBase Community

You can startup FeatureBase Community in two ways: