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How do I setup FeatureBase Community to automatically start?

You can setup FeatureBase to automatically start using the Linux systemd service.

The parameters tell systemd the following information:

  • where to find FeatureBase
  • the command to start FeatureBase server
  • the user to run the commands as
  • where to find the FeatureBase configuration file
  • when to restart
Table of contents

Before you begin

Step 1 - create a service file

  • Open a terminal then CD to /etc/systemd/system
  • Create a service file featurebase.service

Step 2 - add parameters to featurebase.service

  • Add these parameters to the file.
    Description="Service for FeatureBase"

    ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/featurebase server -c /etc/featurebase.conf

  • Save then exit from the file.

Step 3 - Reload the systemd daemon

  • Run the following command:
sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Step 4 - Automatically start FeatureBase after reboot

  • Run the following command:
sudo systemctl enable featurebase.service

Step 5 - Start the FeatureBase service

  • Run the following command:
sudo systemctl start featurebase
  • Run the following command to verify the service started and is running:
sudo systemctl status featurebase

Step 6 - connect to FeatureBase server

You can change this IP address in */featurebase/opt/featurebase.conf

FeatureBase Community is available by default at:


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