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How do I setup a FeatureBase systemd service?

Setup FeatureBase Community to run as a systemd service.

You can also startup FeatureBase from the CLI

Table of contents

Before you begin

systemd services are created in /etc/systemd/system

systemd parameters for featurebase.service

Save these settings as featurebase.service


    ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/featurebase/opt/featurebase server



Parameter Description Default
Description Human readable service description  
RestartSec=<integer> Seconds after FeatureBase will restart RestartSec=30
Restart=onfailure FeatureBase will automatically restart on failure  
User=<featurebase-user> The service will run under this user  
Execstart= Path to startup files /usr/local/bin/featurebase/opt/featurebase server   multi-user-target description

Additional information

  • You must run sudo systemctl daemon-reload to refresh systemd after featurebase.service is saved.

Next step

Further information