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Configure FeatureBase Community

FeatureBase features can be enabled or disabled from the */featurebase/opt directory in two ways:

  • Command-line flags
  • the featurebase.conf TOML configuration file
Table of contents

Before you begin

Where are configuration files found?

File and path Purpose Additional information
/opt/featurebase.conf TOML configuration file used to save FeatureBase settings. Configuration flags
/opt/fbsql Used to run SQL commands from the CLI. [/docs/tools/fbsql/fbsql-home]
/idk/molecula-consumer-* Used to import data to FeatureBase tables. Manage data ingest

How do I setup and manage a FeatureBase systemd service?

How do I set up a FeatureBase cluster?

How do I set up authentication?

How do I backup and restore my FeatureBase database?

Table of contents