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FeatureBase Data Directory reference

This information is provided as a reference and should not be relied upon for day-to-day operations.

Before you begin

Display the data directory

.pilosa is a reference to the original name of the FeatureBase software.

  • Open a CLI then run the following command:
tree -d -L 3 .pilosa/

Data Directory structure

├── disco
│   └── member
│       ├── snap
│       └── wal
└── indexes
    ├── fb_views
    │   ├── _keys
    │   ├── backends
    │   ├── dataframes
    │   └── fields
    ├── products
    │   ├── backends
    │   ├── dataframes
    │   └── fields
    ├── repository
    │   ├── backends
    │   ├── dataframes
    │   └── fields
    └── users
        ├── _keys
        ├── backends
        ├── dataframes
        └── fields

File descriptions

These files are found in the .pilosa root.

File Description Additional
startup.log Log of FeatureBase version and startup  
idalloc.db Stores tracking information for any indexes that are using the ID auto-generation functionality provided in some ingesters. Ingesting data

disco directory

Directory Description Additional information
disco Stores etcd data  

indexes directory

indexes is the main data directory containing a subdirectory for each FeatureBase table

Directory Description Additional information
fb_views FeatureBase system table System tables
<tablename>/_keys A _keys directory is created for any index that uses a string key and contains a translation file for each partition the FeatureBase node is responsible for  
<tablename>/dataframes Dataframe is an alternative data format used for general purpose calculation  
<tablename>/fields Metadata and key translation (if present) for each field in the table  
<tablename>/backends Bitmap data for the table  

Further information