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How do I create a FeatureBase cluster?

FeatureBase Clusters are setup using the featurebase.conf TOML configuration file on multiple systems.

Table of contents

Before you begin

Cluster parameter syntax

#advertise parameters
advertise = <IP Address>:10101
advertise-grpc = <IP Address>:20101

#node parameters
name = "<node-name>"

#bind parameters
bind = "<cluster-ip>:10101"
bind-grpc = "<cluster-ip>:20101"

#data parameters
data-dir = "<data-directory>"

#log parameters
log-path = "<log-directory>"

#cluster parameters
  name = "<cluster-name>"
  replicas = <integer>
  long-query-time = <integer><time-unit>
  partition-to-node-assignment = <assignment>

#etcd parameters
  cluster-url = "<ip:port>"
  listen-client-address = "<ip:port>"
  listen-peer-address = "<ip:port>"
  advertise-peer-address = "<ip:port>"
  initial-cluster = "<ip:port>,..."

#anti-entropy parameters
  interval = "<integer><time-unit>..."
Flag Data type Description Default Additional information
advertise String FeatureBase host/IP and port to advertise to:
* other nodes in a cluster
* clients via /staus endpoint
localhost:10101 Host defaults to the network bind IP address
advertise-grpc String GRPC equivalent of advertise localhost:20101  

Node parameters

Flag Data type Description Default Additional
<node-name> String Unique name for the node used internally by etcd featurebase1 Can match [cluster] name for parent node.

Bind parameters

Flag Data type Description Default Additional information
bind String Listen for HTTP request on all IPv4 addresses on the local machine at port 10101 localhost:10101 Bind additional
bind-grpc String Listen for gRPC requests on all IPv4 addresses on the local machine at port 20101 Bind additional

Data parameters

Flag Data type Description Default
data-dir String Directory to store FeatureBase data files /var/lib/featurebase

Log parameters

Flag Data type Description Default
log-path String Path to store FeatureBase logs /var/log/molecula/featurebase.log

[cluster] parameters

Flag Data type Description Default Additional information
name String Human readable name for the cluster which must be identical on all nodes featurebase1 Can match for parent node
long-query-time String Duration before log and stat messages are generated represented by , e.g., 10s (10 seconds)   Time units
replicas Integer Number of hosts in the cluster. 1 Replicas additional
partition-to-node-assignment String Controls how partitions are assigned to cluster nodes. jmp-hash Partition-to-node-assignment additional

[etcd] parameters

Flag Data type Description Default Additional information
cluster-url String URL of an existing cluster that new nodes can join featurebase1=http://localhost:10401  
listen-client-address String Address and port to bind to for client communication http://localhost:10401 FeatureBase will use listen-client-address values if undefined.
listen-peer-address String Local IP address and port to that nodes in the cluster can connect to communicate http://localhost:10301 listen-peer-address: localhost:10401 will unreachable by other nodes on the same subnet.
advertise-peer-address String Node address and port used by nodes in the cluster to connect.   FeatureBase will use listen-peer-address values if undefined.
initial-cluster String A comma-separated list of advertise-peer-address values for each node in the cluster, beginning with the parent node. featurebase1=http://localhost:10301 This list must be identical on all nodes in the cluster.

[anti-entropy] parameters

Flag Data type Description Default Additional
interval String <integer><time-unit> at which the cluster runs the anti-entropy routine to ensure shard replicas are synchronized.   Time units

Additional information

FeatureBase will automatically determine the most likely IP address for advertise and/or advertise-grpc where:

  • advertise and/or advertise-grpc are not defined
  • bind =

bind additional

  • On first install, featurebase.conf hostname/IP values default to the bind parameter.
  • FeatureBase will listen on all available interfaces when one or both bind parameters are set to

[Cluster] replicas

To meet etcd requirements, replicas should be set to:

  • a minimum of 3
  • an odd number

[cluster] partition-to-node-assignment

Valid settings for partition-to-node-assignment are:

  • jmp-hash (default)
  • modulus (for more equal data distribution on larger clusters)

partition-to-node-assignment should only be changed by creating a new cluster.

Unit Declaration
seconds (default) s
milliseconds ms
microseconds us
nanoseconds ns

[etcd] additional

ETCD runs on each node in a FeatureBase cluster rather than as a separate instance.

[etcd] parameters must be consistent on each node in the cluster because they govern:

  • node-to-node and intra-cluster communication
  • maintain data integrity and fault tolerances across the cluster


[etcd] parameters for all nodes on same subnet

listen-peer-address = "local-ip:port"
advertise-peer-address ="<advertise>"
initial-cluster = "<parent-node-ip:port>,<advertise-peer-address>,..."

[etcd] parameters for nodes outside subnet

These parameters should be used for nodes that connect via:

  • proxy server
  • different URL
  • DNS settings
listen-peer-address = "<local-ip>:port"
advertise-peer-address = "<connection-ip-for-this-node:port>"
initial-cluster = "<parent-node-ip:port>, <advertise-peer-address>,..."

Further information