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How do I migrate data to a new FeatureBase cluster?

When you choose to migrate data from one cluster to another, the destination cluster resources (HD size, memory and processor cores) can be:

  • identical to the source cluster
  • larger than the source cluster

Clusters cannot be migrated to systems with less resources than the source.

Before you begin


To avoid data loss, shut down:

  • all nodes on the cluster to prevent write processes being interrupted
  • all ingest processes on the cluster.

Do not attempt to stall FeatureBase ingest consumers by creating an exclusive transaction.

Cluster migration tasks

Task Description
Audit all processes currently running e.g., ingest processes running on individual nodes
Stop all nodes Manage FeatureBase services
Backup the source data Backup the FeatureBase Cluster
Create target cluster Create a cluster
Restore backups to target Restore a FeatureBase cluster
Test target Run test queries and verify results are as expected
Redirect traffic to target Redirect query and ingest processes to the new cluster
Start all processes on target Start the nodes, ingester and any other processes discovered in the audit
Clean up source Backup the original cluster then tear it down