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How do I backup and Restore FeatureBase Community Databases?

FeatureBase Community databases can be backed-up and restored for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • General backup and restore of a FeatureBase database
  • Resizing a FeatureBase cluster
  • Making changes to your featurebase.conf settings, including the cluster partition-to-node-assignment parameter.
Table of contents

Before you begin

How do I backup a FeatureBase database?

How do I verify backups?

Use the following checklist to verify backups function correctly.

Task Description
Backup source Backup a FeatureBase cluster
Set up test environment Backup testing can be performed using a single local node provided the system has sufficient memory and disk space.
Restore source backup to test environment Restore a FeatureBase cluster
Test target Run queries and verify results are as expected

How do I restore a FeatureBase database?

How do I migrate a FeatureBase cluster?

When you choose to migrate data from one cluster to another, the destination cluster resources (HD size, memory and processor cores) can be:

  • identical to the source cluster
  • larger than the source cluster

Clusters cannot be migrated to systems with less resources than the source.