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How do I set up authentication groups?

A permissions file must be created when authentication is configured for FeatureBase Community.

The permissions file:

  • maps the identity provider (IdP) group IDs to read/write permissions to specified FeatureBase indexes
  • has one group ID for cluster-level administration access.

Users cannot authenticate with FeatureBase if they do not belong to a group, or the group has no permissions granted to FeatureBase indexes.

Table of contents

Before you begin

Permissions syntax

    "<index1>": "<write>"
    "<index2>": "<read>"
    "<index1>": "<read>"
admin: "<groupd-id3>


Parameter Description
<group-id1> name of equivalent group in IdP.
<index-n> FeatureBase index to grant as read/write to the group.
admin Designated administrator group.

Additional information

  • Restart the FeatureBase Community server if you make alterations to the permissions file

  • When TLS is enabled, the scheme must be explicitly defined as https in featurebase.conf and in the command-line.
  • /featurebase.conf and /featurebase-install-directory/opt/parameters.yaml must be duplicated on all nodes of a FeatureBase cluster.

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