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How do I configure FeatureBase as an Azure Active Directory IDP?

Configure FeatureBase as an Azure Active Directory application Identity Provider (IdP)

Table of contents

Before you begin

Step one: Register FeatureBase as an Azure application

The following values are used when registering FeatureBase as an Azure AD aplication:

Step What to add Example  
4 Redirect URL The fully qualified domain or public IP address with /redirect as a suffix https://featurebase-hostname-or-ip:10101/redirect
6 Microsoft Graph permissions Microsoft Graph : Delegated : GroupMember.ReadAll.
Microsoft Graph : Delegated : User.Read.All.

Step 2 - create an application secret key

Step 3 - Add the secret key to featurebase.conf

  • CD to the /featurebase/opt directory.
  • Edit featurebase.conf in a text editor.
  • Edit client-secret value then add the Azure AD FeatureBase application secret.

Step 4 - Create Azure groups

Step 5 - Add users to Azure groups

Step 6 - Set application authentication

Perform these steps in your Azure application settings.

  • Open the Application configuration page.
  • Click the Authentication tab > Advanced Settings
  • Toggle Allow public client flows to yes

"Image of AzureAD app configuration page with Allow public client flows toggled to yes."

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