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What is the schema browser?

The Query page contains a schema browser that facilitates query building by allowing you to view the tables and columns in your database.

Table of contents

Before you begin

Open the schema browser

When the schema browser is open, you will see a list of tables in your database on the right side of the screen.

  • Click the button in the top left labeled SCHEMA BROWSER

The tables populated in the schema browser are based on the database you selected in the top right corner of the page.

Search for tables

  • Click the Find tables box and type text to search for in the table name

View table details

  • Click on a table in the schema browser

Search for columns in a table

  • Click the Find columns box and type text to search for in the column name

Create a Select query statement

  • Click the CREATE SELECT STATEMENT button at the top of the schema browser

Exit table details

  • Click < on the schema browser to return to the table list

Close schema browser

  • Click X on the schema browser to close it