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What is query history?

The Query page contains a searchable history of your personal queries, their execution statuses, and their execution times.

Table of contents

Before you begin

Open query history

When the query history is open, you can see list of all of your past queries on the right side of the screen with the most recent queries shown at the top. This list displays the query, the execution time, the rows returned, and when it was run. The color next to each query signifies if the query execution was successful (green), unsuccessful (red), or still running (blue).

  • Click HISTORY at top left

Your query history is private to you and will be erased if you clear your browser cache

Search previous queries

  • Click the Find previous queries box and type text to search for in the query string.

Copy a query to the clipboard

  1. Click the query of interest
  2. Click on the copy icon that reads Copy query to clipboard when hovered over

Re-run a query

  1. Click the query of interest
  2. Click on the play button icon that reads Re-run query when hovered over

This will create a new query entry at the top of your history.

Close history

  • Click X on the history viewer to close it