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How do I execute my queries in the FeatureBase Cloud UI?

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You can also query data programmatically with the query endpoint

Before you begin

Step 1: Select database to query

There are two methods for defining the database you want to query in the UI:

Method Instructions
Database Dropdown Click the dropdown in the top right labeled Database and select your database. This will default to the database most recently created
Query alias Direct any query to a particular database by aliasing/prepending the query with “{<database name>}”. example: {my_db}SELECT 1

Step 2: Choose query limit

Queries executed in the UI have an automatic limit of 100 records applied. This limit is applied to protect users from accidentally running taxing queries against their databases and impacting production performance, as well as browser limits. You can change the limit from a minimum of 10 records to a maximum of 10,000 records:

  • Click the dropdown in the top right labeled Limit and select your limit

Step 3: Write query in text editor

Write a query using either the standard SQL Language or our native PQL Language in the text editor. The text editor allows for multiple queries to exist in the same pane. Individual queries are separated by newlines with only whitespace.

Step 4: Execute the query

The UI will execute the query that your text cursor is touching. There are two methods for executing a query in the UI:

Method Instructions
Click to run Click RUN to execute the query
Hot keys Enter a key combination of “Ctrl + Enter" or Cmd + Enter" (depending on your OS and preference)

Further information