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How do I setup a database with predictable pricing?

A Shaped database provides a number of benefits, the most important of which is predictable pricing.

Database shapes define:

  • How much memory is available
  • how much disk space is available
  • how many vCPUs) are available

Before you begin

What are the benefits of a shaped database?

In general, shaped databases have:

  • overprovisioned disk space and memory to ensure best performance
  • data replication should a node go down.

Predefined resources

CPU and memory resources are bundled for easier billing. Choose an appropriate shape for your requirements:

Resource Minimum Maximum
Memory 32GB 2TB
Disk storage 100GB 2TB
Virtual CPU 12 576

What are the limitations of a shaped database?

A shaped database cannot be resized once created. Data must be migrated to a new database.

FeatureBase Serverless databases can be resized as required.

How are shaped databases priced?

How do I create a shaped database?

How do I drop my database?

There are two ways to drop (delete) FeatureBase Cloud databases